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90M Bird Deterrent Tape Audible Visual Flash Pigeon Scare Ribbon

Manufacturer: Serier Electronics
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90M Garden Plant Flashy Anti bird Tape Garden

Widely used in agricultural planting, like to protect orchard, vineyards and vegetable farm from intrusion of birds or other small animals

Material: polyester film
Size: 90m(L), 2.5cm(W)
Color: As the pictures shown

Polyester film material, safe and non-toxic
Easy to use, not hurt birds badly
Bird deterrent tape will make a noise to resist the birds when wind blows
By two different color of reflective rotation to make the bird’s eyesight confusing

Using Methods:
1. Hang the bird tape taller than the crops by 10 to 50cm
2. Fix one side of the bird tape before you hang it
3. In order to make the tape fixed, turn tape to 180 degree after pull 2 meters each time
4. Change the bird tape into S shape.
5. After 10 days, change the shape to extend the time of resisting the birds and make it more and
more effective

Package Include:
1X Scare bird tape

audible visual bird scare ribbon

scare bird tape

bird deterrent tape

scare bird tape

audible visual bird scare ribbon

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