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15Pcs Low Shank Sewing Machine Feet Presser Walking Foot Set Kit Tools

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15Pcs Low Shank Sewing Machine Feet Presser Walking Foot Set Kit

High Compatibility - can be used for most Brother, Singer, Janome / New Home, Pacesetter, Pfaff etc.
Handy set come with box - all items neatly set in their slots, with simple description for each foot.
All Purpose - Use them as a fashion accent on blouses and dresses, as border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts, etc.
Package included - Low shank adapter for all purpose, zigzag foot, buttonhole satin, stitch foot, quilting, straight site, button sewing on foot, Zipper foot, hemmer roll hem foot ,blind stitch foot, cording foot, Overcast foot, 1/4 patchwork darning foot, Low shank gathering foot, Walking foot.

15pcs Low Shank Sewing Machine Snap on Presser Feet Walking Foot:

1. Low Shank Adapter - to use with snap on feet
2. Zigzag Foot - to stitch very fine or heavy fabric
3. Buttonhole - to help with stitch placement
4. Satin Stitch Foot - to sew with satin or decorative stitches
5. Quilting/Straight Stitch - to be perfect for quilt tops and garment construction on waistbands etc
6. Button Sewing on Foot - to hold buttons and snaps ,to allow good visibility when sewing
7. Zipper Foot - to sew both sides of the zipper
8. Hemmer/Roll Hem Foot - to be used for light , medium weight fabrics
9. Blind Stitch Foot - to be used for topstitching, edge stitching ,pin tuck , hemming
10. Cording Foot - to create decorative stitching over cording on single and double layers of fabric
11. Overcast Foot - to finish off a raw edge or for simultaneously seaming and overcasting
12. 1/4" Patchwork - For quilting, piecing, precision sewing or crafts
13. Darning Foot/Low Shank - to be especially designed for automated embroidery, free motion quilting,stippling,darning and mending
14. Gathering Foot - to gather skirts, make puffing for heirloom work,or even make ruffles for pillows
15. Walking Foot - to be used in slipping,shifting,coming up short and in quilting.

Package included:
15 x Sewing Machine parts


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