Creative Wall Mounted Retractable Foldable Clothes Rack Magic Hanger Storage Holder

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Wall Mounted Retractable Foldable Clothes Rack Magic Hanger

This creative foldable clothes hook is made of stainless steel with ABS so that it is durable and tough. It had great load bearing about 30kg that you can hang you clothes without worrying slipping.  Each clothes rack can hang about 3 to 10 pcs clothes
It is foldable so that it can save place when you not use it.
Also, you can install two rack and hang a stainless steel tube that you can hang more clothes:)

Material: ABS, stainless steel
Weight: about 420g
Size: about 32.5X30cm
Thickness: about 35mm
Length: about 395mm
Drilling hole: about 6mm
color: white
Load bearing: about 30kg
Apply to: suit, underwear, tie
Scope: home, hotel, bathroom, bedroom

How to use:
Mark the drill hole and use drill machine about 6mm then install it.
Warm note:

Please install tight before put you clothes hanger above.
Stainless steel is not inluded in the package.

Package include:
1x Foldable clothes hook
1x Screw set

Detail pictures:

creative retractable lothes rack,

creative retractable lothes rack,

creative retractable lothes rack,

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